Jouet à mâcher pour chien 100% nylon Flavorit de BarkBone® - saveur poulet mesquite

BarkBone® Flavorit nylon dog chew toy - mesquite chicken

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The Mesquite Chicken Flavorit BarkBone is the next generation of Flavorit! This rich, flavor-infused nylon bone has tiny treat cells molded in both sides that can be filled with peanut butter, cheese, cream cheese, or any other spreadable treat your dog prefers. 

The tiny flavor cells hold just enough spread to entertain your dog but not so much that they’re getting a lot of calories.  You can even add a different spreadable treat on each side to up the flavors! No mess because of the concave design. 

All BarkBone components are sourced in the USA! Non-toxic, non-allergenic, FDA-compliant and safe for your dog!

Sizes :

Small / 4,25 inches - recommended for dogs up to 15 lbs

Medium / 5,5 inches - recommended for dogs up to 50 lbs

Large/ 7 inches - recommended for dogs up to 80 lbs

Made in USA

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